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Rollies Camera has been serving Northern Arizona's photography needs since 1961, when Rollie Houck purchased Bradshaw's Photo Shop which was established in 1949.  

During the camera stores 60 plus year rich and illustrious history, it has only seen 4 owners. The current owners Bud and Linda Johnson purchased the store in 2005 from Ernie and Lorraine Cousins.   

In keeping with his own motto; “Dedicated to tradition with an eye on the future”, Bud has chosen to keep the namesake while updating and improving the camera store itself.  Currently, one can find almost anything in the camera store that is a camera or has to do with cameras from the high end DSLRs to inexpensive point and shoot models and a wide array of photo accessories. Rollies is an authorized dealer of Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic Lumix cameras.  

Currently our website is going through some changes, and we would ask that you bookmark us so that you can keep up with the changes.


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